Our Story

In the summer of 1999, recently married and jobless, I convinced my father to put up his suburban home up as collateral for a six figure loan to get into a business in which I didn't have one day's experience. I was 25 years old. It was not easy to dive into something where SOMEONE ELSE'S life savings was at risk. It didn't make it any easier when some of the closest people in my life shared candidly "You're probably going to fail". Nonetheless, I pushed forward and believed in the truest concept of small business that my father taught me: "Take care of your customers. Take care of your people. And everything will take care of itself"


We succeeded because we were blessed to attract the type of savvy customer who recognized quality, value, consistency, and a business that was ran with care. We offered a premium level of freshness and quality without fleecing the people who keep us in business. We did things the "Aroma" way.

What is the "Aroma" way?

• Our soups are made daily from absolute scratch. No cans or frozen blocks.

• Not 1 or 2 generic salads, but 11 gourmet style salads made from premium spring mix, romaine hearts, & organic kale. 

• Not cheap soy & filler based hamburger patties cooking on a greasy flat top, but 1/2 lb Angus­Certified patties flame grilled to perfection.

• No tubs of spaghetti w/ heat & serve canned red sauce, but nearly 60 pasta entrees from the traditional (Beef Lasagna), to the exotic (Apple Ravioli w/ Walnut & Raisin Alfredo), to the creative (Pollo Loco Pasta). 

• Meat Sauce and Marinara made in-house from the finest handpicked tomatoes from California's San Modesto Valley. Creamy Alfredo, Tomato Cream, & Pesto Cream sauces made onthe­spot fresh to order. 

• Let's not forget about our Pizza... Dough made daily from olive oil, butter, and the finest unbleached flour. A zesty sauce with nearly 12 ingredients that quite simply is second to none. Fresh mushroom, never canned. Fresh broccoli, never frozen. Premium flavorful red onion, not the cheaper white. 

No one offers more unique ingredient choices thmadean Pizzeria Aroma. From sun­dried tomato, to walnuts, to goat cheese, to portabella mushroom, to kalamata olives, to green beans. Quality is more than a word here. It is our mission.

You go into business for yourself to make money. There is no denying that. Money can't motivate alone. I have always been driven to work hard because I take great pleasure by making my customers happy. The daily grind like any job gets old, but what never gets old is seeing people satisfied with their meals, and very loyal to your business. It is the only approval and acceptance that matters to me.

We don't always do a perfect job. No other business I know of will be this honest with you. Being sincere and forthright to my customers is what has drawn customers to us and helped grow our business. The reality is we get it right the vast majority of the time and that is why we are still here. The difference is, on the rare occasion we get it wrong, we'll go out of our way to make it right. You will never get a glib or uncaring attitude here.

So many people have been instrumental to Pizzeria Aroma's success... but none more than you the hungry customer. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

Buon Apetito,

Jim Dababneh