Our Story

Pizzeria Aroma: Our Story

We were anything but dreamers when we opened our doors in late summer of 1999. Some of the closest people in our lives warned us candidly: “You’re going to fail”. It’s a difficult thing putting down your life savings (or somebody else’s for that matter) in a pursuit that has crushed many a dreams.

Despite the slim odds, we moved forward believing that we would succeed if we did things differently than your standard neighborhood pizza joint. The formula is simple. Give them more for less. And do it well. Executing the formula is another matter. But after 12 long years in business, and tens of thousands of customers later, we’re thrilled to feel we’ve made it. We did not fail. We did so because of YOU. You took notice right away and encouraged us each step of the way to keep on doing things the “Aroma” way.

The AROMA Way: Soup, nearly 5-6 varieties made fresh, always from scratch. No Cans. No frozen junk. 10 distinct Salad offerings using premium romaine hearts and organic mesculine mix w/ real chicken, grilled fresh. 1/2 lb flame grilled burgers made of 100% pure premium USDA ‘Choice’ ground round. No soy. No fillers. No crap. Not tubs of spaghetti w/ canned sauce but 50+ exquisite pasta offerings from the traditional(Chicken Parmesan) to the extraordinary(Apple Ravioil w/ Walnut & Raisin Alfredo). Creamy Alfredo & Tomato Cream made to order fresh always. Meat & Marinara sauces made in-house using the finest handpicked plum tomatoes from California’s San Modesto Valley. And oh yeah, the Pizza. Dough made daily in our kitchen. No perservatives. A zesty homemade sauce second to none. Fresh mushrooms not canned. Premium red onion, not the cheaper white. Baby Spinach for more flavor. Unique ingredients from artichoke hearts, sun dried tomato, kalamata olives to walnuts, goat cheese, & portabella.

Profitability is always the goal for any business. However, to succeed, there has to be a passion that drives you to work hard and to WANT to make customers happy. Motivation has to run deeper than money. Afters 12 years, it still feels great to see customers satisfied with their meals, & loyal to our business. This is the way it has to be. This is the way it is here. We’re here to make a living, not a killing off the people who support us.

We don’t always do a good job. Yes, you read that correctly. No other business i know of will be this honest with you. But it is this type of genuine sincerity that draws our customers to us and what helps us grow our business. The reality is we get it right the vast majority of the time. When we make a mistake, we make it right – whatever it takes. You’ll never get a glib uncaring attitude from us. That’s why we’re still around.

A lot of things have changed in the world since 1999. Thankfully, our dedication to put out a fresh quality product at great value in a friendly and effecient manner has stayed the same. Thanks for the decade plus of loyalty, great word of mouth, & support. It has really meant a lot.